Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 321
 I was so sick of Lanie never letting me do her hair, I finally chopped it. She was not impressed! She cried for about 30 minutes then reminded me every 10 mins after that, that she hates it. IT'S TOO SHORT! I think it's adorable. What do you think?

Day 320
 The snow is such a novelty right now. We just got it a couple days ago and the kids are loving it. Hope I can keep them that excited for another 6 months

Day 319
 Jason brought some wraps home from work. He wanted them grilled but we don't have one so we brought out the waffle iron - it worked great!

Day 318
 Everyone says these two look exactly alike.  I don't see it, but what do you think?

Day 317
 Playing with the little people nativity set. Best Christmas toy ever.

Day 316
 Fun in the toybox

Day 315
 Doing perler beads. These things are the best thing ever. Keeps them busy for hours! They didn't want their picture taken so Eliza wouldn't look and Lanie made a nice face.

Day 314
 The most glorious day ever! Lanie folded her clothes by herself without me asking her. (I don't think it's happened again since then, but there's hope!)

Day 313
 Trey trying to escape from the Doctor. He was super sick and did not want to be there!

Day 312
 Tori and her new favourite thing - painting. It's fun that she's getting old enough to do things like this

Day 311
 Playing peek a boo in the tub

Day 310
 Sunday morning cuddles

Day 309
 Family movie night - Lanie didn't make it past the first 15 minutes

Day 308
 My awesome smoothie making. I stuck a spoon in to stir and didnt turn it off first. Whoops? It was everywhere! How do you clean blueberries off a spackled ceiling.

Day 307
Trey so tired! PUT ME TO BED!
Day 306

 Dressed up and ready for trick or treating. I love that their winter coats are under thei costumes. I always HATED that!

Day 305
 Eliza as a witch for Halloween

Day 304
 The cutest Dorothy ever! Her posing kills me.

Day 303
 Halloween shirts

Day 302
 Ghost and Pumpkin cake pops for Eliza's School Halloween Party

Day 301
 Trey as a spider for Halloween

Day 300
 Tori and her babies

Day 299
 Has anyone seen the YouTube video of Sophia Grace singing Super Base? Tori loves it and sings in her own language copying the video. It's hilarious.

Day 298
 My all time favourite face of Trey's. He loves doing this cause he knows it makes everyone laugh

Day 297
 Chillin to the music on the ipod.

Day 296
Did some organizing in the pantry. Found these containers at Dollarama and thy are perfect for my sugar/flour etc. Love organizing!!!!!!!!

Day 295
Huge grocery shopping trip. This was only half of it

Day 294
Lanie's new favourite place. Every day after school she clears out under the sink and makes her fort. Sometimes she watches movies, sometimes she takes toys in and sometimes she just relaxes all by her lonely. (thats what she says instead of saying being alone.)

Day 293
Concentrating hard on "texting"

Day 292
Eliza's first trip to the Optometrist. Of course she wanted glasses so bad, and of course her eyes are perfect.