Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 53
 Valentines breakfast. Pink pancakes, bacon, strawberries and whipped cream. Can you tell Lanie was really excited for this picture?

Day 52
 Movie night at Grandma Darcy's

Day 51
 Harvey sandwich

Day 50
Eliza's best little friend. Friends from birth and destined to get married (that's what they tell us)

 Day 49
Out for supper and Trey was hamming it up. Making the funniest faces!

 Day 48
 Lanie had a nap today so she got to stay up late. She was feeling pretty special and very happy!

Day 47
Trey hd a fever all day today. He fell asleep in my arms, which he never does! Love that about sick kids!

Day 46
 Trey's present he left for me. I was on an important phone call and this is what I found when I got off.

Day 45
 The girls showing off their Valentines score.

Day 44
 Lanie with the crowns she made this afternoon

Day 43
 Waiting in the car. The kids think it's the funnest thing to get out of their carseats and play.

Day 42
Eliza's class went on a field trip to Marble Slab. I tagged along and it was lots of fun. This is her friend and her taking notes.

Day 41
 100 Day of school Projects. The girls chose their favourite crackers and glued 100 onto their cardboard

Day 40
Cute little cupcake in a jar for a friends birthday. Yummy!

 Day 39
Pretty early Valentines flowers from J

 Day 38
Valentines candy lips from Grandma Darcy

 Day 37
 Lanie wearing my high heeled boots. This girl LOVES shoes!

Day 36
 Playing at the indoor playground

Day 35
Working on a little book for Jason for Valentines Day/our Anniversary

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 34
Lanie playing with her food. She made this cute picture out of cheese nips.

Day 33
Lanie's class had a teddy bear picnic.  They took turns making toast and spreading butter and honey on it. It was fun to see her so excited.

 Day 32
Cuddling on the couch

 Day 31
Lanie and her friend doing yoga at kindergarten.

 Day 30
Trey's so cute when he plays with his cars