Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 55
 I forgot to post this earlier. A valentines present we made - Paint chip bookmarks

Day 54
 Treat night! Mini ice cream cones and popcorn

Day 53
 Dancing with daddy. He's such a good sport. Lanie's our dancing queen!

Day 52
 Petting zoo on family day.

Day 51
 The girls have discovered they can use jenga blocks as dominoes. Only fun when Tori's in bed otherwise she just goes into destructo mode.

Day 50
 Chucke E Cheese fun. When Grandma's in town it's a must!

Day 49
 Reading books with Grandma - Tori's favourite past time!

Day 48
 7 year anniversary dinner at the Laronde.

Day 47
Lanie playing primary. She loves doing singing time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46
Lanie watching a barbie movie. She has to cover her eyes during the scary dragon parts.

Day 45
 Our yummy Valentines day dessert.

Day 44
 We made Jason chocolate covered strawberries - his style - for V-DAY.

Day 43
 The girls new favourite breakfast

Day 42
Night time tickle contest 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 41
Helping mommy with Valentines cake ballS. So YUMMY!


Day 40
 More dress up.

 Yes it's true! Tori's gone #1 and #2 on the potty. It's not a regular thing, but I'm hoping it will be soon. (I think I'm getting blessed because Lanie didn't train for so long.)



 Fun valentines gift from Grandma Nielson. Lanie LOVES these. Now she can slide around our hardwood floor non stop!

Day 37
 My homemade cupcake liner wreath.

 Don't cry over spilt milk? I think I did this time



 Chocolate dipped marshmallows. There's been lots of Valentines day crafts and baking going on here.

 We like soothers here -nuff said

 Eliza has really taken a liking to the scipture story pictures and wants us to tell her all the stories for the pictures.

Day 32
 Warming up by the fire after a snowball fight with daddy.

Day 31
Finally one of my kids likes the jolly jumper!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 30
Warm weather and they're finally plowing our street! LOVE!

Day 29
 Let the weight loss begin! First week down 1.8 pounds!

Day 28
 Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Cheese

Day 27
 Time to dig out the jeep. Not fun!
Day 26
 Starting solid foods!

Day 25
 Mommy's little helper. Always wanting to do it herself!

 Day 24
 Teddy bear picnic at school. Eliza's class made these cute bear hats.

Day 23
 Jason is 30!

Day 22
My attempt at a Martha Stewart cupcake.

Day 21
 How the heck did Alex get him to sleep like that? I've never been able to do that!

Day 20
 Polly pockets and dollhouse - this is what the big girls do every afternoon while mommy has HER quiet time.

 Day 19
 Lanie's my best babysitter. She holds and plays with Trey so much - and she's only fallen off the couch with him twice - whoops?

Day 18
 Sunday best. Million dollar smile.

Day 17
 Helping with baking

Day 16
 Star Head

  Day 15
 Family Home Evening - always a crazy time in our house!

 Nicole getting married? No! We were shopping for Janae's wedding dress and Nicole tried one on. So fun!


Day 13
 Happy 26th to me! More than half way to 30? Weird!

Day 12
Pretty Lanie

Day 11
 Popcorn and movie night. I think Lanie and Tori consume more popcorn on our movie nights than I have in my whole life!
Day 10
 Snow much?

Day 9
 Still recovering on the couch from knee surgery. How much longer?

Day 8
 For Lanie's birthday party we just had her and a couple friends and went to McDonalds. Next year her lazy mom promises to plan an actual party!

Day 7
 Trey Trey getting so big and what a cutie!

Day 5
 Having a play date and doing some serious dress up!