Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 152
 Love this hairdo. Elizas such a good sport. She'll sit while I play - as long as she's eating and watching a show, heehee

Day 151
 This is how I found Trey today when I went to get hime from his nap. He wasn't crying, but it sure looks uncomfortable to me!

Day 150
 Tori being her silly self!

Day 149
 Lanie at her last day of playschool party. The face painting and balloons were amazing!

Day 148
 Tori wanted to hold this bunny so bad but she was also scared. It took her about 20 minutes of going in and out of the petting farm till she finally sat down and held it. Despite her worried look, she was really happy!

Day 147
 Feeding ducks at the park

Day 146
 They loved this swing!

Day 145
 Saw this on my way home one day. Always wanted to go in one!

Day 144
 Went to the temple with the youth for Young Womens tonight.

Day 143
 Fun at the Edmonton Energy bball game. Eliza's new thing is she wants to be an energy girl -GREAT!

Day  142
 Sandy hands at playschool

Day 141
 A long day of driving kids around. Trey was tuckered out!

Day 140
 The girls playing on the trampoline. I think they were playing house and they were all babies.

Day 139
 This is really hard to tell from the picture, but this is Trey sleeping on the couch with a blanket on. His feet are straight up in the air. He slept like that for about an hour.

Day 138
 Jett and Lanie. Best cousins and oh so much trouble!

Day 137
 We made an airplane from the trampoline box.

Day 136
 Lanie fractured a bone in her lower leg on the trampoline, so this is one of the things she did for 7 days while she had to rest. A lot of movies, treats and coloring!

Day 135
 FHE on the trampoline

Day 134
 Tori and her friend Ethan chowing down on cheerios

Day 133
 Janae's ticket number won her a chance to shoot for $1000.00. The other guy beat her, but only by one! It was very exciting!

Day 132
 Jason stuck on a structure at the park. Things aren't quite as easy as you remember them being when you're 10!

Day 131
 The BEST baked zucchini sticks ever! I was lovin' this lunch

Day 130
This is Amber (one of my young women). She ate a frosty and fries and then was challenged to eat a triple baconater - 3 patties, 12 pieces of bacon! She downed it with ease. Plus she weighs about 90 pounds! Awesome job Amber!