Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 72
 Loves Cuddles

Day 71
 Big boy eating his banana in his monkey pj's.

Day 70
 Every afternoon after school Lanie plays Barbies for a good hour. Today was hottub day.

Day 69
Face painting.

Day 68
 Such a beautiful day in March! No coats and loving the snow.

Day 67
 Aunt Janae babysat and had a girls party, once Trey went to bed. Fondue, crafts and time with Janae. These girls were in heaven!

Day 66
 Trey loves any kinds of mittens. Today he was loving my slippers aswell.

Day 65
 Both girls crashed this afternoon. Trey was already in bed so this mama had 2 hours of quiet to myself. Can you guess what I did? yup a nap aswell!

Day 64
 Lanie was proud of her snowman!

Day 63
 Morning scriptures. All kids on the couch listening almost never happens, so I had to take a picture. Usually Tori and Trey are running around and Lanie's jumping on the couch next to Jason. This morning was a rarity!

Day 62
Cousins at Police Point Park. So sunny no one could see.
Day 61
 Trey and Lanie's favourite spot. These two love each other so much!

Day 60
 Addicted much? All three on phones.

Day 59
 Playing in the rice container. I filled a tupperware container full of rice and added measuring cups and spoons. The kids absolutely love it! I definately have to give up some of my wanted cleanliness while they're playing, because as hard as they try, there's always tons of rice on the floor at the end. A little sweeping though, and it's all good.

Day 58
 Beach Day at school

Day 57
 No more soother! She got a new cinderella doll and dress and the soother is gone! yay!!

Day 56
 Janae moved in next door and so Nicole has been over a bit more than usual (which I love) Tonight was a caramel popcorn, hair coloring, american idol night. So fun!

Day 55
 Lanie cutting her strawberries for breakfast

Day 54
Trey and his funny face while he's eating. He loves the reaction he gets