Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 48
National Pancake Day. Went for lunch with Janae and Nicole at Ihop on national pancake day. Free pancakes for everyone! So awesome!!!!!

 Day 47
 Shopping at Best Buy and Eliza found these headphones that had music playing in them. She did NOT want to leave!

Day 46
Just another day playing in the snow

 Day 45
Found this idea for cookies on pinterest and they actually worked! yay. It's a pinterest miracle.

 Day 44
Lanie practicing her chin ups for gymnastics

Day 43
Did 14 days of valentines for Jason this year. Little gifts, with silly notes, but really fun.

 Day 42
I was busy doing something upstairs and when I came down Eliza was cutting strawberries for Trey and getting him yogurt. Love that she's such a great little helper!

 Day 41
 Did 7 days of valentines for my kids this year. These were their gifts for day one. Some other gifts included makeup, jewelry, candy and puzzles. It was super fun for them and me!

Day 40
 Lanie warming up for gymnastics.

Day 39
Puzzle time.

 Day 38
 Trey crashed on the floor today. Couldn't make it to bed time.

Day 37
 "I'm so "fortunate" to have you as a friend." Made these cute little gifts for the girls teachers and a couple friends.

Day 36
 Watching a friends baby for the evening. Lanie didn't want to give anyone else a turn.She loves babies so much!

Day 35
Decorating Valentines Cookies

 Day 34
Kids went outside to play and when I went to check on them, this is how I found them.  I think they're ready for summer!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 33
 Lanie was so cute sitting in front of the fireplace just playing. Of course as soon as I grabbed the camera she refused to look cute anymore. Oh well.

Day 32
 Making Valentines Bookmarks

Day 31
Team picture

 Day 30
 Showing off their medals

Day 29
 Basketball tournament.

Day 28
 Tori at ballet. They learned to skip today. She did so good!

Day 27
Eliza's goal for 2013 was to learn how to make cinnamon buns. Today she helped for the first time.

Day 26 
Sliding down the snow mountain from all the snow we've shoveled off the driveway. 

Day 25
Playing at the mcdonalds playplace.  Trying to find things to do in the -40 degree weather