Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 166
Fun trip to the zoo at the new water exhibit.  

Day 165
The girls dressed up Trey like a girl. HeeHee

 Day 164
 Very out of order, but I just found this. At our ward Halloween Party. We were Wizard of Oz.

Day 163
 Eliza's loves skating. She's just discovered it this year and she wants to go all the time.

Day 162
Heart pizzas on Mothers Day 

Day 161
Three girls loving the tub

Day 160
Eliza at her guitar recital. This is her first year taking guitar and she's done great! She wants to be a rockstar when she grows up, so she's on her way.

 Day 159
 The girls helping plant Aunt Janae's garden.

 Day 158
Can't get enough of this little guy! Love this little outfit. Reminds me of something Uncle Christian would wear!

Trey LOVES juice of any kind! He was supposed to share this orange julius with the girls, but it was a fight every time it was someone elses turn.

Eliza and Jason having a Sunday afternoon nap. So cuddly.

 Day 155
 Lanie decided one night it would be a good idea to get out of bed, find my sunday shoes in the closet and run the heels down the wall to make black marks. Where she comes up with these ideas I don't know - but the next morning she spent a lot of time scrubbing the walls!

Day 154
Tori playing in Janae's basement. Love her shifty eyes. We were laughing so hard!

Day 153
Loving the sunshine!

Aunt Melanie giving Trey a ride

Day 151
Lanie will always be our baby even though she's the second oldest. Loves to be held, cuddled and carried. Here she's playing in a baby carseat. We love our Lanie.

Day 150
Rocking it out

Day 149
Home from school one day for lunch.

Day 148
Found a frog in the backyard while we were mowing our lawn. The girls had a fun time with him as a pet for 2 days before he was fried in the sun.

Day 147
The girls use Trey as their toy all the time. He's so patient with them. Today Eliza was lining him up with the stuffies to make him look like a toy. 

Day 146
These cuties at the park. Love when they giggle so hard.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 145
 Lanie scrubbing her bike up to make it shiny. She loved doing this. Spent about 20 minutes getting it just right.

Day 144
Happy Happy!

 Day 143
 Geese hanging out in the Superstore parking lot. Thought this was weird.

Day 142
My pretty girlies

 Day 141
 Ice cream at Swirls

Day 140
 These kids had SO much fun this day. Jett's face explains it all.

Day 139
Cutest Cousins ever! We sure love Jett and Owen!

 Day 138
Playing Dr with dolls.

 Day 137
Lanie's new favourite thing to do at the park. This was a record for how much sand she fit in her dress! 

Day 136
 Pure Joy. Lanie having the time of her life.

Day 135
Trey loves my green smoothies almost as much as I do. Who wouldn't want to share with this cutie!

 Day 134
Tori, feeling a bit under the weather today.

 Day 133
Passed out on the way home from the park

 Day 132
Tori learning to ride her big girl bike.

 Day 131
Talented Aunt Janae practised her photography skills this sunday afternoon. This little girl is getting so big! I can't believe it sometimes!

 Day 130
 Tori loves her purses and gradually starting to bring more and more every time we go out.

Day 129
Trey trying on daddy's Lakers shorts. Look pretty good right?

 Day 128
Out for dinner at Wild Wing. This was an actual enjoyable experience! Usually when we go out to eat with all the kids, its chaos, but this time it was really fun. Trey is out of a highchair, and the girls are starting to sit better. There's light at the end of the tunnel!

Day 127

Hot dog roast with Grandpa Nielson at Kin coulee

 Day 126
 This was one of those moments when your heart is so full, there's no words to express. We had just driven six hours, Lanie ran out of the van and started running full speed through this field of dandelions. She was so happy, didnt have a care in the world. The sun was setting, it was so peaceful, perfect temperature. Why this made me so sentimental, I'm not sure, but it was just such a great moment. Love my Lanie (my forever baby).

Day 125
Just out of the van after the drive from Edmonton to Medicine Hat. So happy to be with Grandma Darcy.

 Day 124
 Mom helped organize a celebration for the bike riders who are riding across Canada to raise money for schools in Africa. This is one of the riders and mom in her awesome volunteer shirt. She did so great planning everything!

Day 123
 Cousins! Always so bright! One day we will get a nice picture.

Day 122
 You can never have too much cotton candy!

Day 121
 My perfect poser.

Day 120
 Trey LOVED this balloon! Did not want to let it go!

Day 119
 May Long weekend at Grandmas. Snack time under the umbrella.

Day 118
 We went to a greenhouse and this nice lady found a couple flowers that had fallen off of plants and gave them to the girls. Tori did not want to be left out and the lady went walking up and down the lines of plants looking for a dropped one, just for her. So sweet.

Day 117
When these two get together, they are just the best of friends. Such cuties.