Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 341
 Ribs at Montana's for supper. Eliza loves Ribs!

Day 340
 Fun night out for supper

 Trey thinks he has free run of the pantry. He gets cereal boxes out and loves to dump them. He's just so cute doing it though!

Day 338
 There was a creche exhibit at the Sherwood Park Chapel. It was amazing! Over 100 nativity scenes, musicals numbers, refreshments, a video to watch and kids rooms. This is where they could dress up like Mary and play with Baby Jesus. Tori loved it!

Day 337
 Making chocolate dipped pretzels. A great Christmas activity for kids. I had to prepare stuff, but they were able to do the dipping all by themselves.

Day 336
 A fun indoor playground I like to go to in the winter. New toys to play with is always a good thing.

Day 335
 Lanie dancing in the car. We have to go 25 minutes before school lets out to get a parking spot, so we do a lot of dancing in the car while we are waiting.

Day 334
 Tori is seriously addicted to lipstick - as you can probably tell by the amount that's dripping off her lips!

Day 333
 Going sledding. Trey had so much fun!

Dy 332
 Lanie had a real chef come to school today and make pizza with them. She obviously didn't want her picture taken with her hat.

Day 331
 Lanie and my sweet jenga tower. We were so proud of it!

Day 330
 Loved these decorations at bath and body works.

Day 329
 Tori got some markers and I obviously was not supervising.  Good thing for crayola washables.

Day 328
 I couldn't get a good pic of Trey but he was rocking these sunglasses!

Day 327
 Tori's favourite thing to do is eat snow. Off the road, off the grass, off her boots -yummy!

Day 326
 We had an early Christms with Dad this year. Swimming, food and presents. It was a fun weekend. Here's Grandpa with the two crazy 2 year olds.

Day 325
 Matching footy pj's for all the grandkids.

Day 324
 Everyone in their Sunday Best!

Day 323
 Lanie had such a fun day being wild with Jett!

Day 322
The annual girls trip was amzing as usual. A fun night in the hotel, 8 hours of non-stop shopping, Breaking Dawn and yummy food. I look forward to this trip all year long. Next year we have to make it longer!