Sunday, January 27, 2013

Warning! Viewer Discretion is advised for the first picture. Don't want to gross you out!

Day 24
 This pretty much sums up our last two weeks here at our house. This was Eliza's doing. Poor girl tried to make it to the bathroom in time to throw up. Didn't quite get the toilet opened, darn it! Nothing like cleaning up puke when you're already throwing up.

Day 23
 Trey feeling the effects of the flu. So many afternoon naps here lately. 

Day 22
 Just a typical afternoon at our house. Dressing up and doing a concert. Jason gets worried when Trey does this, but he's just following his sisters. I think it's fine and super cute!

Day 21
 Jersey Day at school

Day 20
 Trying to keep them occupied with crafts while I sleep this sickness off. Their new found love - the glue gun.

Day 19
 Eliza and Lanie LOVE the game of Life. Trey obviously wants in on the fun too. Found him "playing" it one afternoon.

Day 18
 We've all been feeling very under the weather lately here at our house. One afternoon I put Tori in the tub and ran downstairs to grab something. When I came back up this is how I found her. She was dead asleep. She kept doing the head bob and I couldn't help but laugh. She just wasn't feeling well and couldn't stay awake any longer, even in the tub.

Day 17
 Trey helping Uncle Alex to shovel the driveway.

Day 16
Acting out King Noah and Abinadi for Family Home Evening.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Day 15
 A fun Christmas gift. Color your own castle. The girls loved creating it, and Trey loved destroying it. Once it was up he had it broken and crumpled to the floor within about 20 minutes.

Day 14
 Best January ever! Can't remember when January has been so warm! +7 other day!

Day 13
Happy Birthday to me. 28 years old! Wow. We went for a nice dinner at Milestones, then hit up Mcdonalds for my "birthday cake". Yes, a cheeseburger is better than dessert.

Day 12
 Loving the snow lately

Day 11
 Going out for Jason's work Christmas Party.

Day 10
 Eliza grabbed the laptop for some Sunday morning play time in our bed.

Day 9
Feeling under the weather today

 Day 8
Watching this little cutie for a couple days. The girls were LOVING having her over. So fun to have another little girl around.

 Day 7
 Doing Pedicures today. She was loving it!

 Day 6
 Tori has been SO happy the last couple weeks! Does that mean she's outgrown the mean stage? fingers crossed, lets hope so.

Day 5
 Tori lovin' her stickers this afternoon

Day 4

Lanie's gymnastic cake.

Day 3
Lanie's 6th Birthday. Can't believe that she's already that old! We love our Lanie so much! She has finally got out of her REALLY REALLY hard stage! Tantrums have almost stopped, her getting into EVERYTHING has slowed and she knows how to help herself a lot of the time. She's definately given us a run for our money since she entered our family, but we couldn't imagine life without her. She's the best cuddler, helper, happiest, sweetest, most fun girl ever. We love her so much!

Day 2
Trey so excited to throw his snow ball at me

Day 1
Starting the New Year Right with scripture reading. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

You may be wondering where the rest of the pictures are from 2012? I'm a few short. It's hard for me to accept that I have to end the year without posting right up to day 366. I'm trying to let my OCDness go, and be ok with the fact that I don't have quite enough. I guess I'll have to be a bit more diligent in 2013, but for now we will end on Day 352 and be ok with it. Here's to a great 2013!

Day 352
 Grandma and Grandpa Nielson showing off some presents

Day 351
Lanie showing off her loot - Lanie style

 Day 350
 Tori with her princess and the popstar barbie. 

Day 349
 The girls with our beautiful sweaters. I love my hair, our lipstick and Nicole's hands. Oh my!

Day 348
 Best picture of the year. Ugly sweater party - I sneezed right as the picture was taken. What a BEAUTY!

Day 347
 1st annual Family Ugly Sweater Party. Don't we all look amazing!?

Day 346
 Christmas family Home Evening. They were all sitting and listening so well. It's time like this that make your heart so full. Like all your hard work is paying off. We talked about the picture of Christ standing at the door with no doorknob. That he wants to enter our lives, we just have to let him in. They were all so into it. It was adorable.

Day 345
Eliza with one of her favourite presents. She FINALLY got a monster doll. She's been wanting one forever! Yay.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 344
 Jett being so brave and holding the bearded dragon. Tori watching carefully from the background

Day 343
 Trey with his "cool" hat on

Day 342
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. My kids are VERY active! The amount of times they flip over this couch in a day is crazy! 

Day 341
Lanie on her new trampoline from Christmas. She's wearing her weight belt (that's whats around her waist). Can you tell she didn't want her picture taken?

Day 340
 Cuddles in Grandma Darcy's bed with Aunt Nicole

Day 339
 Cute gangsta

Day 338
Having fun with the computer

 Day 337
Trey's signature wink

Day 336
 Janae and Trey on the fun scooter bike things at the school. 

Day 335
Lanie ready for church and holding Seth before we go.

 Day 334
Eliza just waking up, but wanting to hold baby Seth.

 Day 333
Tori's cute new ballet outfit from Grandma Darcy. Tori loved the rainbow colors. She's such a performer!

 Day 332
Eliza and Lanie's favourite thing to do over the Christmas Break. Playing the game of "LIFE". Grandma Darcy played with them a total of 7 times. I do not have the patience to play that game with them, so I was so happy that she would! They absolutely LOVED it. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

 Day 331
Trey being cozy in his little hiding spot.

 Day 330
 Decided it was time to get rid of my porcelein doll collection from when I was a little girl. When I dug them out of the box these girls were not going to let them just go away! They each got to pick one to keep. They were really excited, not sure why Tori looks so upset? haha

Day 329
Holding Baby Zoe at the basketball game

Day 328 
Tori loving the tube

Day 327
Love the faces here!

Day 326
Fun in the wave pool

Day 325
The 2nd annual Nielson Waterpark Christmas Party

 Day 324
 So much fun at Grandma Darcy's school gym. This definately wasn't the safest game, but the kids sure loved it! Crack the whip on a gym floor - fun!

Day 323

 Day 322
 Girls trip! Twilight and shopping - what more could you ask for?

Day 321
 Three cousins in the tub. So much fun in Grandma Darcy's big tub!

 Day 320
 Christmas craft day with friends. We decorated cookies, made crafts, watched a movie, had supper and ate treats. It was a fun night, but by the end, this momma was definately more tired than the kids!

Day 319
The three cutest little ballerinas at their ballet recital. 

Day 318
Elphie arrived! We loved her. Trey tried to snatch her a few times, making her "sick", and she freaked Lanie out a bit, but overall she was a hit. 

Day 317
Decorating the gingerbread houses.

 Day 316
 The cookies are decorated for Santa

Day 315
Hot tubbing on Christmas eve in -25 degree weather.

 Day 314
 Trimming the tree

Day 313
Family Time

 Day 312
The kids (and Jason) watching movies on Christmas Eve.

Day 311
The boys hanging out on Christmas Eve

Day 310
New Years Party at the house down the street. Never saw any people there but the lights were sweet!

 Day 309
 Eliza and Santa. This is a huge accomplishment! 7 years old and the first time she actually sat on his lap!

Day 308
 Lanie and Santa.

 Day 307
Trey and Santa at the Ward Halloween Party

 Day 306
 Enjoying the swingset even in the 2 feet of snow. Trey can't even walk through it, but it's fun to be outside.

Day 305
Fun in the "boat" 

 Day 304
Tickle Contest

 Day 303
The cutest little face.

 Day 302
 Trey trying to do some Christmas crafts with his sisters. Didn't last long, but made a couple ornaments.

Day 301
Trey LOVES his spring horse! Thanks Grandma Darcy for the awesome gift!

Day 300
The Nativity. Donkey, Joseph, Mary and the Angel

 Day 299
The Shepherds.

Day 298
Date night at Le Poutine.  MMMMM. So good! Why do I love greasy food so much?!?!