Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 75
 At the circus with butterfly faces and butterfly toys.

Day 74
 Making pancakes for breakfast

Day 73
 Lanie playing hairdresser

Day 72
 Lanie loves wearing my high heels.She walks all around the house in them and is actually pretty good, but right after I took this picture she totally rolled her ankle.

Day 71
 Jason hadn"t shaved in a while because of his surgery so when he finally did he made some sweet sideburns.

Day 70
 This is the girls friend Elliott that they take gymnastics with. I HAD to post this! It's superman!

Day 69
 Lanie the monkey!

Day 68
 Trey bundled up for skating on the pond.

Day 67
 Finally a nice enough day to play outside in the snow.

Day 66
Tori's having a baby. Once she has it she "breastfeeds it" - just like mommy. But she feeds her dolls from her belly button. It's so funny!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65
This little cutie is hilarious! So much personality - guess she has to have that to keep up to her sisters.

Day 64
 Grandpa came for the weekend and watched the kids lots while I was visiting Jason at the hospital. This is what they did one night. Lanie came up with the idea and she was certainly the BOSS! She told everyone what to do and was loving it.

Day 63
 What did we do before I-phones?

Day 62
 Yummy pancake breakfast. Eliza came up with this. She also put butter on as soap and syrup and the bunny's shower.

Day 61
 Jason home from the hospital and still recovering on the couch - Tori in heaven!

Day 60
 Eliza doing her usual photoshoot when people come over. Grandma Hughes has been over a lot in the last week - helping and babysitting while Jason's been at the hospital. Thank goodness for her!

Day 59
 Homemade playdoh - trying to keep the girls occupied.

Day 58
 Made some freezer meals so we'd have easy dinners when Jason got home from the hospital. Easy freezing - just had to set them outside for a couple hours. It was -35 this day.


Day 57
 Jason had to get surgery done on his shoulder. He was in a car accident when he was 16 and has had circulation problems in his arm since then. If nothing was done about it, he'd eventually lose all use of his arm and hand. He was supposed to be in for only a couple days, but had some complications and got to stay for a full week! So Fun! Ya right - anyways, he's home now and thank goodness no more going back and forth. This is one of the days we went to visit him.


Day 56
 Lanie at gymnastics. She's waiting for her turn on the trampoline. Next session she's going in a special trampoline and tumbling class because she loves to jump and stand on her head so much.