Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 260
We got our pictures done by Talia Audenart Photography this August. She's an amazing photographer and friend. We love the shots we got!
 Day 259
 Day 258
 Day 257
So happy that my kids coorperated and we got some great shots! There may have been some bribing involved?
 Day 256
 Day 255
 Day 254
She is so photogenic!
 Day 253
I think this is adorable! Jason, didn't love the headband - LOL. He kept saying she looked like a lamanite. Ugh, what do men know?
 Day 252
Loves to Pose
 Day 251
Such a cutie!
 Day 250
Day 249
 Our Family!
 Day 248
It felt so funny doing these poses, but of course Talia knew that this would look amazing!
 Day 247
Love this!
 Day 246
 We were done our shoot, but Jason HAD to get a picture with his boy. These two are the best of friends.

Day 245
Day 244
What a beauty!
 Day 243
This captures Trey perfectly. Just the sweetest little thing!
Day 242
Cuddling in the blankie at the park
 Day 241
Having fun on a playdate
 Day 240
Cute 'twins" on twin day at school.
Day 239
Tori with her antlers at Montanas
 Day 238
Best friends - Tori and KK at the ward party
 Day 237
Enjoying his ice cream at the ward party 
Day 236
 Trey pushed an empty cooler over to the counter and got into the butter dish. Why does he love straight butter? nasty!
Day 235
"Painting" cookie lollipops.
 Day 234
Happy 2nd birthday to Trey Trey. We love this kid so much! Such a nice, mellow, fun, easy going addition to our CRAZY girls! Couldn't imagine our life without our boy.
 Day 233
Trey checking out his presents. 
Day 232
Twin day at school. Eliza and Julia.
Day 231
Happy 7th Birthday Eliza! She had a hawaiian luau this year. We had great weather, lots of friends and tons of fun! It was awesome. 
Day 230
 One of Eliza's birthday presents - rollerblades and knee, elbow and wrist pads. She's getting pretty good!

Day 229
Thanks to mom who once again helped me get ready for the party. I am not a lover of birthday parties, and my mom makes sure my kids have great parties. If she's not around, my kids are sorely dissapointed. I guess I still need my mommy.
 Day 228
Fruit kabobs at Eliza's 7th birthday luau.
 Day 227
Lanie's first day of grade one!
 Day 226
Eliza's first day of grade two! 
Day 225
Tori's first day of Preschool. 3 1/2 years old and more ready than ever! 
Day 224
Tori's first day of Preschool. Mrs. DeLaRosa is such a great teacher! Love having it right next door. Best preschool ever! 
Day 223
Tori and her "bestie" KK. These two are inseperable!  
Day 222
Tori's first day in ballet class. She absolutely loves it, and she's actually pretty good at it too! Maybe I'll have a dancer in the family after all! Yay.