Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 256
 Lanie sure misses Eliza in the afternoons while she's still at school. This day Lanie stared out the window for about half an hour asking when she'd be home. I'm not sure what the blanket is all about, but that's what she decided to do that day.

Day 257
 Trey's birthday was September 3 and here's a picture of him enjoying his cupcake. Happy Birthday big 1 year old!

Day 258
 Craft time.  We colored pasta with food coloring and then strung them on yarn to make necklaces. Kept them busy for a good 45 minutes. BLISS!

Day 259
 Pancakes for breakfast and somehow I accidently made a butterfly. The girls were so happy about it I had to attempt a few more. They're really hard to make though! The one was a fluke!

Day 260
 When Lanie is home in the afternoons, the babies have naps and I get a bit of quiet time. Lanie knows she can play in the bonus room or basement and this is what I usually find when I go to see what she's doing. Lanie LOVES to dump things and then collect what she wants and put it into purses or bags. Oh well, at least it keeps her busy right?

Day 261
 Walking home for lunch one day. Eliza's friend comes with us for lunch some days and all the girls love her. I love this pic because they didn't know I was taking it, they were all just happy to be together.

Day 262
 I don't know why but our house is the ladybug hotspot. For the past week ladybugs have been invading our house. We have to wipe down our door before we even go in. WEIRD?

Day 263
 Trey being a true boy and grabbing ladybugs. I think he only ate one? whoops!

Day 264
 Our annual Sylvan lake trip. The Go-karts are so fun!

Day 265
 Mini-golfing poses.

Day 266
 Fun in the hotel bed. We love the Rainbow slide at the hotel!

Day 267
 Pumpkin cupcakes with spiced pumpkin cream cheese frosting

Day 268
 Beautiful Sunrise!

Day 269
 Pretty yellow leaves

Day 270
 Looking so grown up!

Day 271
 We got home from school and Lanie promptly sat down and said she was too tired to walk in the house. She sat on the driveway for about 10 minutes before coming in. She's a strong one!

Day 272
 Lanie and her friend relaxing at the park

Day 273
 My cute shoe prints in the sand

Day 274
 Treys favourite pastime. Taking the toilet paper and walking all around the house with it.

Day 275
Tori would watch movies all day if I let her. She loves her blankie and soosoo and relaxing on the couch.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 255
 I have a love hate relationship with pinterest. I find all these awesome recipes but sometimes when I make them, they aren't that great. Like these - the cookies were hard, the icing was too soft and they just weren't what I was expecting. Boo!

Day 254
 28 degrees for a week straight in September? That's right! We've been making the most of it. Friends over and pool everyday afterschool. Woot Woot!

Day 253
 This is what Trey and Tori did one day while I was making supper. Put all the shoes into the pantry. NICE!

Day 252
 German Pancake. Cami introduced these to us this summer and Eliza's in love.

Day 251
 Helping daddy clean the car

Day 250
 First day of guitar lessons. She loves it!

Day 249
 They were matching and didn't even plan it!

Day 248
 Our "pet" spider. He lives in the corner outside of our garage and we love watching him. We've seen him catch and eat a few things. It's actually kinda fun seeing it.

Day 247
 Eliza's first day of grade one. Such a grown up!

Day 246
Lanie's first day of kindergarten. She seems so little still. I definately have mixed feelings about school everyday. One day I love that they're gone, the next I'm in tears. It's especially hard with Eliza gone ALL day. It's hard not knowing what she's doing every second! Ahh, growing up!

Day 245
 This is what we got to do pretty much everyday for 2 weeks. The kids were in heaven!

Day 244
 I know this photo is blurry but the girls were SO cute I still had to put this photo in. Playing ring around the rosie.

Day 243
 Lanie covered in pillows. She was laughing so hard at this. I still laugh when I think about it.

Day 242
 Just climbing the pole in our basement. A usual thing.

Day 241
 Lanie washing dishes. Her new favourite past time. (I don't mind!)

Day 240
 Picking peas in our garden. YUM!

Day 239
 Canned tomatoes. I did tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and peaches. Mom and Janae helped and we did 175 pounds of peaches in one afternoon! We're awesome!

Day 238
 In the shower at the outdoor pool. This is where she spent most of her time while we were there.

Day 237
 Rainbow jello cups I made for Eliza's birthday party.

Day 236
 Her cake. Her party was a rainbow theme.

Day 235
 Elizas been asking for a guitar for months. For her 6th birthday that's what she got! Happy birthday Eliza!

Day 234
 A few months ago Eliza saw that you could be on tv for your birthday. She HAD to be on, so we sent in her pic and this is a picture of her being shown. She felt like such a celebrity!

Day 233
 Going for a walk. So cute with her "baby"

Day 232
 Lanie's my little "mother"

Day 231
 Eliza in her basketball camp shirt. She's so little!

Day 230
 Trey's been super sick lately and he fell asleep here one moment while I went to get something.

Day 229
 Family Pic at the ice creamery.

Day 228
 Auntie Melanie and Trey.

Day 227
 Haha! I love this. This is Lanie and her friend Avery dancing at a wedding reception. I saw Avery dipping her so I went over and told her to do it again so I could take a picture. Avery wound up, dipped her and planted a kiss right on her lips. It was hilarious! And they didnt think anything of it? That's just what you do when you dip someone. Oh kids!

Day 226
 Eliza and Melanie hanging out in the shade listening to music. Eliza felt like such a big girl with Melanie! Since the trip Eliza asks for magazines every time we're at the grocery store (cause Melanie was always getting a new mag) and no, I don't buy her them. HAHA.

Day 225
 So busy all day, every day, Tori didn't always get her naps in. She fell asleep like this one night at 6pm. I took her to bed and she slept the whole night! So awesome.

Day 224
 Family Pic at  Christina Lake.

Day 223
 Joy with grandkids

Day 222
 Playing cards by the fire with Grandpa McQuay.

Day 221
 Another exhausting afternoon. Asleep in the dingy.

Day 220
 A mass burial (does that sound too morbid?)

Day 219
 Jason went horseback riding with his mom. Cowboy Jason.

Day 218
 Jason cooked breakfast for us on the fire. He was so good at it!

Day 217
 A hike to the falls at Christina Lake. I love this picture.

Day 216
 Trey and his cousin Braeden. They are 2 weeks apart in age. This was their first time meeting.

Day 215
 My pretty Big girls

Day 214
 This SWEET hotel room had three queen beds in it. It was such a good size for our family. The girls had so much fun jumping between all the beds!

Day 213
 I love you

Day 212
 These floaties were for Trey and Braden but the girls kinda took them over and spent hours in them!

Day 211
 Tired! She fell asleep on the lake floating with me, so I just pulled her up on shore and let her sleep there.

Day 210
 Gangsta Trey

Day 209
 So many girls!

Day 208
 I made the girls "mermaids" almost every day

Day 207
 Lanie by the creek

Day 206
 Tori blowing a big dandelion

Day 205
 Eliza found a piece of wood that looked like an "E" was burned into it.

Day 204
 Just a normal outfit for Tori

Day 203
 Another place I found Trey dead asleep.

Day 202
 WICKED! So happy I finally saw this! I've been wanting to for so long. Such a fun night!

Day 201
Eliza and Aunt Nicole taking an afternoon nap. Melt my heart!