Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95
 Eliza loves to play chess with Jason

Day 94
 My little babysitter Lanie laying with Trey on the couch entertaining him

Day 93
 Coconut shrimp salad with warm honey mustard dressing - Jason was out of town, so I got to make something out of the ordinary! YAY!

Day 92
 All 4 kids in pj's ready for bed

Day 91
 Grandma and Trey

Day 90
 Janae drove with me to Medicine Hat on our Spring Break. Thank goodness for her - a true lifesaver!

Day 89
 Tori joyriding at the arcade Ruckers in Medicine Hat

Day 88
 Eliza has mad basketball skills - FOR REAL!

Day 87
 Lanie all ready for church and looking cute

Day 86
 Not looking so much like a baby anymore! So handsome!

Day 85
 Look who's turning 2! She's such a stinker but so hilarious! She does so many things that Eliza and Lanie would've got in trouble for at her age, but Jason and I just end up laughing at her. She's just so funny!

Day 84
 Tori's birthday cake and cupcakes. My sister helped with the cake - after she got over her trauma from when we cut the doll in half! She's so talented at decorating cakes, and most other crafts. I love when she's around and I can pass that stuff onto her!

Day 83
 Eliza doing her fave pose

Day 82
 Lanie and Jett making forts with the fun bricks at Grandma Nielson's house

Day 81
 Lanie (our little monkey) rock climbing. Grandpa Nielson took them and as suspected Lanie did not dissapoint. She made it to the very top!

Day 80
 Wiener roast and hike with Grandpa Nielson

Day 79
 Think we could get a nice normal picture of these kids? ya right! but they're so cute!

Day 78
 Fruit Pizza - don't be mistaken, it may look healthy, but with the buttery crust and yummy cream cheese icing - not so much!

Day 77
 Tori loves playing barbies - just like her big sisters

Day 76
Cookie dough Cupcakes - cookie dough filling and cookie dough frosting, doesn't get much better than that!