Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 200
Cutest porch swing at Fort Edmonton Park

Day 199
A fun trip to Fort Edmonton Park. The girls helped water the garden. They thought it was so fun that the workers dressed up in period clothing. Lanie can't stop talking about "the girl's red lipstick"!

Day 198
The train ride at Fort Edmotnon Park. It was such a fun day! I loved it so much - maybe a little more than the kids.

Day 197
Family Time on the Tramp. This was right before a huge waterfight broke out.

Day 196
Lanie doing a sweet move on the slip n slide. We FINALLY had a couple nice days here in Edmonton.

Day 195
Me and Tessa at the NKOTBSB concert. Yes - there were some tears when they first came onstage. Brought us back to our childhood. Backstreets Back!

Day 194
Funnest night ever! We danced almost the whole concert. loved it!

Day 193
Grandma made lollipop cookies and here we are decorating them. Lanie was so cute!

Day 192
Eliza closeup!

Day 191
Jason loved this little BYU helmet.

Day 190
Eliza went to a basketball camp and the last day was crazy hat day. This is how she made her crazy hat! HAHAHA! I laughed so hard. It's a piece of tinfoil wrapped to the back of the hat. So Creative!

Day 189
In front of Planet Hollywood in Vegas! My mom and sister watched my kids for 5 whole days! We went to vegas and had such a good time kid free!

Day 188
We stayed at the Flamingo. It's the hotel were Donny and Marie Osmond perform so they had lots of Donny and Marie stuff throughout the hotel. This is the costume Marie wore for one of her dances on Dancing with the Stars.

Day 187
The pool at Ceasers Palace. We got burnt to a crisp in the Vegas sun. Apparently 50spf sunscreen reapplied every couple hours doesn't help when you're whiter than a ghost!

Day 186
My little baby isn't so little anymore! Look at her on the swing!

Day 185
My sister Janae and new brother in law Alex. They had such a beautiful wedding!

Day 184
Happy Canada Day! Hard to see but we're all in our canada shirts. This was at a rest stop on our way to Cardston for my sisters wedding.

Day 183
Water ballons! Tori is so funny. She runs around saying "I get U!"

Day 182
Coolest mms ever! Personalized for Eliza and Lanie.

Day 181
Cutie Patootie!

Day 180

Day 179
My sister took Eliza and Lanie to a Tatoe party. These were Eliza's toes after she got them airbrushed.

Day 178
Do you know what this is?! A SLUG!!!!!!! Jason found it in our yard right before he mowed over it. So nasty! The girls thought it was so cool!

Day 177
 REALLY? How many times a day do I clean these shoes up? Way too many shoes in our house!

Day 176
Mr. Helper

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 175
 Bath time

Day 174
 I put on a wedding shower for my sister. Here's the spread. Sorry about the bad picture. I've lost my camera and so this and most of the next pics are from my iphone.

Day 173
Sometimes, you do what you gotta do. I gave Trey this sucker at the grocery store and even though he was a complete sticky mess at the end, it kept him happy during the trip.

Day 172
 Playing babies. Why they love to set up by the front door, I'm not too sure, but it's cute.

Day 171
 Hiking with Grandpa.

Day 170
 Ice cream at DQ after swimming.

Day 169
 Galaxy land

Day 168
 This picture is hard to tell what it is but here's the story. I was so tired one day so I layed down and told the girls to do my hair. I totally fell asleep and they had a good time making me "pretty". I actually didn't even know they had taken pictures of it till I was looking through my phone and I saw them. So this is me laying on the couch with all the bows they had put in my hair.

Day 167
 I love that huge smile!

Day 166
 Eliza was so happy when she found this "heart" chip - I just HAD to take a picture.

Day 165
 The fun you can have with blankets and pillows.

Day 164
 Trey having fun in the sand box. Yes - our sand is blue, and not fun to clean off kids!

Day 163

Day 162
 We went to the zoo cause it was sunny and nice. When we came out of the monkey building there was a HUGE thunderstorm! We had to ran back to our car through pelting rain and hail. This was us almost back to the car. It was like we had just jumped into a pool. SOOOO WET!

Day 161
 Eliza's last day of gymnastics and her sweet pose!

Day 160
 A painting by Lanie age 4

Day 159
 The cutest shoes ever!

Day 158
 Getting sleepy in the high chair

Day 157
 Apple shaped cake pops. Year end present for the girls' teachers.

Day 156
 Making cookies - AGAIN! Why do my kids want to make cookies every day!

Day 155
 Whipped cream and strawberries.

Day 154
 Fun with pancakes.

Day 153
My sister watched Trey for a week while Jason and I took a trip away. She did awesome taking care of three boys for a whole week!