Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 116
 This is very out of order but I just found it so I have to put it in here. Out for dinner on New Years Eve. Do it yourself smores. YUM!

Day 115
 A weekend away with just Jason and I in Banff. 

Day 114
 A hike up Johnston Canyon. Our favourite part of the trip.

Day 113
 Relaxing in the Banff Hot Springs. We forgot our swimsuits and didn't want to have to go back for them so we rented some there. They are replicas of the 1920s suits they used to have there. Super cute, but so not comfortable.

Day 112
 Jason and the girls cleaned out the fridge while I was grocery shopping. I love the poses.

Day 111
 Lanie cuddling in Jason's suit jacket

Day 110
 Another out of order one. Out for our anniversary at Melting Pot.

Day 109
 Lanie in her afternoon downtime spot.

Day 108
 Eliza and her good friend Julia dressing up.

Day 107
 Tori and her "babies"

Day 106
 We got a new couch in our bonus room (thanks dad) so we got to chuck this beaut! We threw it outside and let the kids color all over it. They were in heaven!

Day 105
 All these crazies are mine?

Day 104

Day 103
 Has anyone got a happy meal at Mcdonalds lately? When we went we found a tiny fries and a little yogurt in the box. Is this the new thing or just something they are trying out? Eliza's comparing the mini and large sizes.

Day 102
My two princesses

Day 101
 Fun on the tramp with Janae and Alex. What fun neighbors!

Day 100
 Beautiful Day at the park

Day 99
 Trey's favourite person! He LOVES Alex!

Day 98
 My new addiction is Kijiji. Look at Trey's face - best $20 I ever spent!

Day 97
 Eliza's sick day. Cuddling all day!

Day 96
 Lanie playing with water beads. Found the idea at the blog "Play at Home Mom".

Day 95
 Playing in the blocks

Day 94
 With the help from daddy, one sweet snowman.

Day 93
 April showers bring May flowers. We've been seeing many a showers this month.

Day 92
 Trey driving the car at the park

Day 91
Trying to get a family pic. "Trying" is the key word here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 90
 The leprechauns came to our trap but we didnt catch them. They left treats and money though!

Day 89
 An idea I found on pinterest of course. Tori's princess cupcakes.

Day 88
 Another sweet idea from pinterest. Put bread slices over cupcakes overnight so they don't go stale. The bread is rock hard in the morning and the cupcakes are still nice and soft.

Day 87
 Tori's princess pinata

Day 86
 Happy Birthday Tori! Big 3 year old!

Day 85
 Tori LOVES to help me cook or bake anything.

Day 84
 Trey is such a big boy now. Sitting here on the stool all by himself.

Day 83
 Tori has an obsession with lipstick. Anytime I'm not watching her, she steals my lipstick and goes nuts.

Day 82
Trey fell asleep on the couch and when I moved him there were finger marks on his forehead. It was so cute.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 81
 I had a whole hour to get myself ready with no kids. I was able to curl my hair and do makeup! Had to get a pic to document that!

Day 80
 I sent the girls up to get ready for their baths and this is what I came up to. HAHA!

Day 79

Day 78
 There is a hole in the hood of this hoodie. It came like that and we can't figure out what it would be for. It's in the middle top of the hood. Anyone know?

Day 77
 Mom and Lanie's date. Eliza came because Lanie always wants her to come. So sweet.

Day 76
 In a trance from the Wiggles

Day 75
 Tori straight out of the bath with her Cinderella heels on.We didnt even have time to brush her hair yet, those heels had to be on!

Day 74
 Out with Pam for her Birthday Dinner

Day 73
Hockey game. Good game that night!