Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 89

Tori went up and down the hill probably 40 times this day. She would not stop!!!!

 Day 88
Pretty Princess taking a little nap.

 Day 87
We can't get enough of the snow lately. Good thing - because there's LOTS to enjoy!

 Day 86
 Having fun toboganning for FHE.

 Day 85
 Hugs before leaving for school.

 Day 84
We love when we get to watch Macy! Such a sweet little girl.

 Day 83
These two are such cute little friends! They get along so well!

 Day 82
WHAT?! - I think the leprechaun REALLY had to go. Heehee

 Day 81
 The Leprechaun left us some special gold coins

 Day 80
Grandpa Nielson bought the kids snow shoes for Easter. They actually did pretty well with them, and besides that - what a cute picture it makes!

 Day 79
I never get tired of her in this toque!

 Day 78
My cuties ready for church.

 Day 77
Lanie getting her own breakfast. LOVE that they are getting old enough to do things by themselves.

 Day 76
Just wearing a swimming mask - no big deal

 Day 75
Three snow shoe-ers in training. 

 Day 74
 Grandpa Nielson snow shoe date.

Day 73
Tori in her new Easter dress - which she destroyed after church by dumping nail polish all over it and herself. Grrr!

 Day 72
Lunch out at the mall with Auntie Mel and Aunt Janae.

 Day 71
Dora and Diego Meet and Greet at the Mall. The line up was HUGE, so I convinced Trey that just saying hi to them here was great. He was quite happy - despite his weird face here. haha

 Day 70
 Trey has been loving the sensory rice bin lately. He's been so good with keeping it off the floor too.

Day 69
Basking in the sunshine. Writing their special stories.

 Day 68
Loving the bubbles. We are so excited for spring!!! Bring it on!

 Day 67
The "lake" in our front yard

 Day 66
Too sunny to see

 Day 65
Such a wonderful day! Finally some warm weather! Huge puddles, sunshine and lots of fun

 Day 64
Handsome Trey ready for Church. This is his new go-to face.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 63
The kids new found love - bath paint. You mix dawn dish soap with cornstarch and add food coloring. Put them in the tub with paint brushes and let them go at it. It's fun to paint the walls, then add water and there's tons of bubbles. Then give them rags to wash the walls. They love every stage of it. These two were in here for 1.5 hours this afternoon!

 Day 62
The older girls enjoying the bath paint

 Day 61
enjoying some valentines candy

 Day 60
Another Sunday afternoon with uncle Aaron. These kids love him! 

Day 59
Lanie had Gabby over for a playdate and they sat and sang primary songs for about a half hour. It was super cute.

 Day 58
Showing off their pink streaks for valentines day

 Day 57
Enjoying the ice cream after our ikea visit

 Day 56
Lanie's money creation. Eliza keeps all her money organized perfectly and safely in her wallet. This is what Lanie does with hers. Haha, I love it!

 Day 55
Lanie with flouride at the dentist. She did NOT enjoy her visit this time. She hated the x-rays, the plastic on the chair, the sunglasses she had to wear,  and the bib around her neck. Lets just say we were both happy to get out of there!

 Day 54
Eliza putting her valentines together. She forgot her class list of names at school so she just wrote them all down from memory - in alphabetical order -  of course. She's too smart! 

Day 53
Enjoying blizzards for FHE tonight. It's buy one, get one for 99 cents. Can't pass that deal up!

 Day 52
 Playing at Ikea

Day 51
Tori at the dentist. Did so well. She was brave and she has no cavities! Yay.

 Day 50
Grandma Darcy took Tori to build a bear for her birthday this year. She loves her cinderella bear so much! Trey had to get one too, so he got his birthday present a bit early. 

 Day 49
Trey's first visit to the dentist. All they did was polish and count his teeth, but he did so awesome. Just sat and listened to the dentist. He rocked!