Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 129
Mothers Day omelet I got in bed (actually on the couch because I was up with Lanie all night and we ended up on the couch) Look closely - do you see the message?

Day 128
Before church on Mothers Day. Tori is getting so big!

Day 127
Movie and popcorn night. Lanie was stuffing her face as usual and after about 20 minutes I looked over and found her like this. She was totally passed out! I just carried her up to bed and she was out for the night. Maybe I should make that the new bedtime routine! heehee

Day 126
Having fun at the park.

Day 125

Not too sure why she can't give me a normal smile, but this is one of the many faces I get when I ask for a smile.

Day 124
Cousins playing in the tub

Day 123
Spring is here! FINALLY!

Day 122
I thought this picture was so cute! I know he looks a little nerdy with his stripes and hat but I love it!

Day 121
On a break during our bike ride. The girls love climbing these rocks.

Day 120
Love him!

Day 119
This is one of my favourite pictures ever I think! I just told them all to crowd in and smile. Everyone is so happy and natural. 

Day 118
My monkeys at the indoor playground. Lanie did this probably 20 times and everytime to get down she'd just let her feet go and fall on her head - and I wonder why she gets hurt?

Day 117
Date night

Day 116
Look at that squished up face!

Day 115
afternoon playdough (don't mind Tori's face, look at the previous picture if you want to see her looking really cute! LOL)

Day 114
Babies playin'

Day 113
Easter treats I made for YW's - homemade creme eggs and homemade peanut butter eggs.

Day 112
Easter morning with their Easter baskets. Eliza said Easter is even better than Christmas! Wahoo.

Day 111
Eliza's first visit to the dentist. She did great, but you wouldn't guess that from the picture. She REFUSED to smile! I guess it's the 5 year old attitude - that's definately in full swing with her!

Day 110
Lanie looking happy at her first dentist visit.  No cavities! HOORAY!

Day 109
Fun at Grandma Darcy's. Note the beautiful tye dyed shirt! Eliza and Lanie both love them and wear them to school often! What a fun project at Grandma's.

Day 108
Collecting shells by the river. Oh the fun in Grandma's backyard.

Day 107
These two had so much fun one night! Grandma took the big kids out so they had all control of the house! They played for a couple hours with each other and no fighting! What a fun night.

Day 106
Baskin Robbins had a 31 cent evening. Everyone got a 2 scoop cone for only 31 cents! Silly thing was we had no cash so we had to get some out at the cash machine. It cost $2 to get money out and only $1.30 for all the cones we got. Oh well it was fun.

Day 105
Eliza with her soccer jersey on. She was SO excited for soccer and couldn't wait to play but when she got there her shyness kicked in and now she won't play unless Jason is running on the field with her! We'll see how long that lasts! OY!

Day 104
Pretty girls in their Easter dresses.

Day 103
The Boys. So handsome!

Day 102
BFF's - as Eliza would say!


Day 101
All dressed up and ready for the ward party - western theme! The girls LOVED being cowgirls. We learned some line dances and Eliza's still doing it at home. It was really fun!

Day 100
Look at those baby blues.

Day 99
Fun in the tub!

Day 98
 Trying some new food - not quite sure about it!

Day 97
 Yummy Smoothies! They all wanted to see who could make the biggest mustache.

Day 96
 Eating free tacos at Taco bell. For a week they offered free tacos and if you know Jason, he'll never pass up something for free! We went twice during that week and the girls loved the tacos!