Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 111
The 4 crazies getting ready for bed

 Day 110
Father, son date at the Hockey Game. Two cute faces.

 Day 109
 Tori got this masquerade mask for her birthday and Trey thinks its a cool superhero mask. He loves to wear it and "scare" us. Heehee.

Day 108
Two cute little bunnies

 Day 107
Tori's Easter bonnet she made at Fort Edmonton Park

 Day 106
Showing off their build-a-bears.

 Day 105
Twinners. They didn't even plan this, but aren't they so cute!

 Day 104
The kids at their own table. LOVED having them at their own table away from us!

 Day 103
A shot of the Easter table before we devoured Easter Dinner. YUM!

 Day 102
The Boys sporting their new Easter vests from Grandma Darcy.

 Day 101
The Girls Showing off their new ponchos from Grandma Darcy. So warm and Stylish!

 Day 100
Lanie loved the sparkles we had to put on the eggs!

 Day 99
Cousins decorating eggs

 Day 98
Easter Egg Hunt. Snow? Doesn't stop us. We are tough here in Edmonton!

 Day 97
Egg decorating with Grandma Darcy at Easter

 Day 96
Cutest little boy ever!~

 Day 95
Swimming lessons have started. The goal is to have the two older girls swimming on their own so I can take all 4 of them swimming this summer by myself. 

Day 94
Birthday cupcakes and goody bags for Tori's 4th birthday.

 Day 93
Tori had a princess baking party. They decorated cookies and each got a different princess apron to stay clean. This was my attempt at making the princess aprons I saw on pinterest. I don't sew, so they definately weren't works of art, but 4 year olds don't care. 

 Day 92
 Happy 4th Birthday to Tori. 

Day 91
All dressed up for church. Looking pretty grown up. 

 Day 90
Family Zumba. Such a fun idea! kids at the front and moms at the back. Fun dance party and a good workout too.