Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 29
 Eliza's hawaiian outfit from Grandpa Nielson. The painted wall at the waterpark served as a great background to make her feel like she was in Hawaii.

Day 28
Lanie spent so much time in the wave pool her lips were blue. We made her get out and go in the hot tub to warm up even though she wanted to stay in the waves.

 Day 27
Grandpa Nielson brought this cute outfit back for Trey from Hawaii. Love it!

 Day 26
Love this cute pudgy face

 Day 25
Trey loving the waves at the west ed waterpark

 Day 24
Lanie LOVES washing dishes. It keeps her busy and it helps me out. perfect! The blue on her face is ink from stamping all afternoon.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 23
The COOLEST waffles ever! Grandma Darcy brought her cool new waffle maker to try out. They are hearts and on a stick. What more could you ask for?

 Day 22
 One of Lanie's birthday presents. Such neat paint! She used it all up in one day!

Day 21
In their Lakers gear for the game. I love Trey's face here!

 Day 20
These two are becoming really good friends. They were cracking up right here, just laughing hysterically.

Day 19
Birthday supper at Joys. We had peanut butter cheesecake that was to die for!

 Day 18
 This is our Tor Tor. Always in her princess outfit, complete with gloves and always wanting her blanky and soo soo, parked on the couch watching Dora. Oh my!

Day 17
 Our new missionary in our ward hates the Lakers, so when they came to our house for dinner we all got our Lakers stuff on. He was really impressed if you couldn't tell.

Day 16
Trey's decided that his car ramp is now his personal slide.

 Day 15
Grandma Darcy and Nicole took Lanie to build a bear for her birthday. The one she picked was so "her" it was so cute. Lanie made Grandma pose like this with the blow dryer. I can't believe Lanie is 5?! I still feel like she's my little 3 year old.

Day 14
 This is Trey's new thing. Putting his food and plate on his head. Love finding food in his hair after every meal.

Day 13
Cuddles with Daddy. I love how happy Lanie looks here!

 Day 12
Tori and Trey on the inflatables at the kinsmen.

 Day 11
Eliza is in the community basketball league. She just got her jersey and was pretty excited.

 Day 10
Thanks to friends we got to go to the Oilers game. The Oilers lost 4-0 but it was really fun to be there with friends.

Day 9
 Lanie had a jewelry party and this is the cake I attempted to make. It looked a lot better in my mind, but this is how it turned out. Good thing it was just for a bunch of 5 year olds, they thought it was great.

Day 8
 Lanie helping to make her birthday cake.

Day 7
 Chocolate fondue night

Day 6
 Lanie is the queen sleeper. She needs lots of sleep and if she doesn't get it she passes out anywhere. This was on the way home from school one day.

Day 5
Cute mexican dresses from Grandma Darcy. 

Day 4
 Lanie loves to be enclosed in little spaces. I made her this box that she can go in when she's crazy and out of control! I just tell her to go to her box and she snuggles in there and plays or watches tv and calms right down. Who knew tupperware had so many uses?

Day 3
 Trey chillin in the snow while we sled down our neighbors hill.

Day 2
 Working on my 2011 project life scrapbook. I love seeing all th pics from last year!

Day 1
Two cute girl with cute faces

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 365
 Happy New Years Eve!

Day 364
 Candy Cane Lane. We drove through, but let the girls get out of their car seats and stand in the van. They thought that was the coolest thing ever! After they got out for this pic they ran on the sidewalk as we drove beside them. Definately the way to do it!

 Day 363
 Dressed up for doing the Nativity re-enactment for FHE.

Day 362
 Best $2.50 I ever spent. We bought plasticine at the dollar store and they've been doing plasticine pictures ever since.

Day 361
 Visiting Santa. They are all still scared, but Eliza made progress this year - even sitting beside him!

Day 360
 Waiting for the play Wizard of Oz to start. They all loved it! Eliza especially. They couldn't believe the witch could make real fire!

Day 359
 Christmas Craft Day. It was a fun day put on by a fun friend.

Day 358
 Bath time! These two LOVE their baths.

Day 357
 A quick christmas present I made for a friend.

Day 356
 New christmas wreath I made with old broken bulbs.

Day 355
 Christmas Movie Party. The girls had a couple friends over and we did crafts, had pizza and watched a movie.

Day 354
 Tori and Claire. Can you tell Tori likes babies?

Day 353
 Trey's favourite spot while I do laundry.

Day 352
 Chritmas Baking. The best cookies ever! Sour cream sugar cookies. YUM

Day 351
 The master poser!

Day 350
 This is Lanie pulling her sheer piece on her dress up over her face. She loves when she makes others laugh!

Day 349
 Lanie helped me make reindeer cupcakes for her School Christmas Party

Day 348
 Tori's drawing. It's upside down but it's two people. I was quite amazed cause she did it all by herself! Such a proud mama.

Day 347
 I realized this day that Lanie's boots are way too big for her! Good thing it was so beautiful out!

Day 346
 Loving this mild winter!

Day 345
 Eliza's friend gave her a Justin Bieber puzzle. She loves it!

Day 344
 Christmas PJ's.

Day 343
 We decorated cookies on Christmas Eve and all the kids got to have their own little stash. We decorated special ones for Santa, and Eliza was just making sure he knew which ones were his. These ones definately were not!

Day 342
Our crazy family.