Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 221
 Cousins looking great!

Day 220
 Daddy Daughter fishing date

Day 219
 I think the kids spent more time swimming in the hot tub than swimming in the lake.

Day 218
 Cousins in the boat

Day 217
 Having fun on the lily pad

Day 216
 Aunties taking the kids on a paddle board ride

Day 215
 Visit to the Cardston temple on the way home from Montana

Day 214
 Trey lovin' life

Day 213
Fort Edmonton park merry go round
Day 212
 Dock wars on the floating platform

Day 211
 Eliza in Aunt Tessa's flopy hat.

Day 210
 Jason surfing

Day 209
 All dressed up and ready for church.
Day 208
 One of the kids favourite things at the Lake - painting rocks.

Day 207
 Eliza waterskiied! What a Pro

Day 206
 Boat ride with Aunt Nicole
Day 205
Sister paddle boarding time

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 204
 Family pic at Lake Couer d'alene

Day 203
 Grandpa and kids in the row boat
Day 202
Can my baby actually be doing this? He was NOT going to be left behind! He has to keep up with his sisters. 
Day 201
 Aunt Kandi's nail shop. The girls got spoiled with zebra print toenails!

Day 200

Cousin Jaxsen found this frog and it was the hit for the week. Tori loved this thing, and it grossed me out. She does look pretty cute holding it though!

Day 199
 Trey loves getting cuddles from everyone.
Day 198
The bouncy house. Wouldn't stop punching each other in the head. They were laughing so hard, it was hilarious.
Day 197
 Tori's talent - dancing. We had to force her to sit down, or she would've been up there all night!

Day 196
 Singing "A Child's Prayer" with Aunt Nicole. So Cute!

Day 195
 Eliza and Lanie's "talent". Singing twinkle twinkle little star with a snorkel on. Haha. I just love Lanie in this picture.
Day 194
 No fire pit? no problem! Grandma Darcy bought a pretend fire and we even "roasted" marshmallows on it.
Day 193
 Love these kids.

Day 192
Break after our hike. Prettiest little cove.

Day 191
We named this little cove Ladybug Island. They were EVERYWHERE! You couldn't sit somewhere without having one crawl on you.
Day 190
 Fun at the Eskimos Game
Day 189
 Passed out once again. Love her ability to konk out, anytime, anyplace.
Day 188
 Craft time. The cutest build a bear kits. Thanks Aunt Sarah!

Day 187
 Got some rollerblades at a garage sale and Trey thinks he should be able to do them. This kid!

Day 186
 Raspberry picking at Great Grandma Harvey's. The kids (and I) had so much fun picking (and eating) berries. I don't know what it is about picking berries in a backyard, but we loved it!

Day 185
 Ride fun!
Day 184
 We discovered Tori loves rides! Shes a daredevil on them! Couldn't get enough.
Day 183
 Trey absolutely LOVES the water. Doesn't care about getting splashed, he loved it.
Day 182
 A great day at SILVERWOOD! 10 hours there, and all the kids did awesome. My favourite part of the trip!
Day 181
 This is what Lanie did for most of the water park. Its tough to party this hard!

Day 180
 Such a Yummy restaurant. Brazilian Grill Buffet. They bring different meat around to the table non-stop. It was wonderful.

Day 179
Early morning cuddles with Uncle Alex
Day 178
 Found this HUGE bumble bee in our basement - freaky!
Day 177
 LOVE this picture! My girls to a tee!

Day 176

 Lanie loving her headphones. Rocking out to some music

Day 175
 Visiting Great Grandpa Harvey in the Hospital in Cardston. Great Grandma Harvey was fun to spend time with.

Day 174
 Went to the capital ex parade and played in the city hall fountains after. Took the LRT there. All 4 kids by myself, ya won't be doing that again!

Day 173
 Happy Canada Day!

Day 172
 Oh Lanie! She put this rock up her nose and got it lodged there. We tried for about 20 minutes to get it out, and upon threatening to take her to the hospital, she blew it out. This one keeps us on our toes!

Day 171
 Fun day at West Edmonton Mall with Utah cousins!
Day 170
 The coolest obstacle course at West Ed. Probably about 4 stories high. You get harnessed in and you can go through the whole thing. Eliza wasnt tall enough, so she needed a chaperone -Aunt Janae to the rescue once again!

Day 169
 Melt my heart! Tori was checking Aaron out. He's so sweet with all the kids.

Day 168
Trey loves this scooter but can't push it himself. He stands on it and we get to push him - FUN!
 Day 167
Slip and Slide fun- Jason couldn't resist!