Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 231
 Last Day of School. Eliza is a little upset that school ended, while Lanie is a tiny bit excited!

Day 230
Beautiful pictures taken by Janae DeLaRosa. Went to the temple and took special pics in her baptism dress.

 Day 229

 Day 228

 Day 227

 Day 226

Day 225

 Day 224

 Day 223

Day 222

 Day 221

 Day 220
Best Friends since birth. Born 3 days apart and got to be baptized on the same day.

Day 219
 Huge slip and slide in Janae and Alex's backyard

Day 218
 Jason sliding a little too far off the slip and slide

Day 217
a very upset superman

 Day 216
Eliza and Trey on a kid size kayak

 Day 215

Tubing with friends

 Day 214
Lanie's wedding hair 

Day 213
 Eliza's wedding hair

Day 212
 Family pic

Day 211
 The most darling kids EVER! Beautiful outfits made by Grandma Darcy

Day 210
At the temple at Nicole and Brants wedding

 Day 209
My handsome boy

 Day 208
LOVE these two! So CUTE!!!!!

 Day 207
Trying to keep this one busy during the reception

 Day 206
Decorating Brant and Nicole's truck after the wedding

 Day 205
 TRYING to get a nice picture before church

Day 204
Ready to swim. haha

 Day 203
 Hot air balloon so close to our house!

Day 202
 Best buds

Day 201
Cooling off in the river

Day 200
This boy melts my heart

 Day 199
Hot Day at The Ledge

 Day 198
Breaking during our hike at Christina Lake

 Day 197
Tori and her tigers 

Day 196
 Why is he so cute?

Day 195
Trey trying out the quad at Tessa and Christian's

 Day 194
Besties reunion. Miss her like crazy, but when we see each other, it's like we haven't been apart at all.

 Day 193
Echo Dale

 Day 192
Baking mini loaves of bread with Great Grandma Gehmlich

 Day 191
Watching High School Musical 2

 Day 190
The little monkeys at the pet store

 Day 189
Ice cream break (and cinnamon bun for lanie)

 Day 188
Trey doing the monkey bars

 Day 187
Decorating picture frames at Grandma Darcy's

 Day 186
Eliza making freezer jam with Grandma Darcy

Day 185
Dressing up at Grandma Darcy's

 Day 184
 Poutine Pizza!

Day 183

 Day 182

 Day 181

 Day 180

 Day 179
 Looking good all ready for church

Day 178
Blowing Bubbles with Grandma

 Day 177
Getting some Frozen Yogurt - except Lanie doesn't like ice cream or frozen yogurt so she just gets the toppings.

 Day 176
Trey was in time out on the stairs and he was crying. All of a sudden he stopped crying so I went to talk to him and he was completely asleep! He slept like this for about 10 minutes. It was so funny!

Day 175
At the Fringe Festival

 Day 174
Instead of a birthday party this year, Eliza picked a friend and we went to galaxyland. They had a great time, and I never had to do a birthday party! WIN-WIN!!!  

 Day 173
Happy 8th birthday to Eliza!!!!!

 Day 172
 Our mice fiasco! Joy, the brave mouse catcher. We had mice in our garage and this one got caught in the trap, but didn't die. Got tangled in a lamp in the garage. Joy untangled him and this is how we caught him. So gross!!!!

Day 171
 Eliza taking her new "puppy" for a walk

Day 170
 Sylvan Lake gokarting

Day 169
Go karting

 Day 168
Mini golf at Sylvan Lake

 Day 167
 Enjoying the sunshine

Day 166
Playing in the sand

 Day 165
 Trey couldn't last any longer at the beach

Day 164
Had to wait in line for 35 minutes for ice cream at sylvan lake but it was so worth it! 

Day 163
 Lanie LOVES Ryker so much!!!

Day 162
 Trey's presents from his 3rd birthday

Day 161
Trey's pirate cake pops. His "birthday cake" for his 3rd birthday.

Day 160
My mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

 Day 159
The statue man

 Day 158
Photo booth at Fort Edmonton Park

 Day 157
Practising her bubbles

 Day 156
Eliza playing her duet at her piano recital

Day 155
Pony Rides

 Day 154
Fort Edmonton Park pony riding

 Day 153
Harvey Family Reunion

 Day 152
 Cutest boy ever

Day 151
 They spent about 25 minutes sitting in the truck. They got to use the speaker and talk to everyone out on the street.

Day 150
The fire truck at Christina Lake

 Day 149
Showing off their face paintings

 Day 148
 Building sandcastles

 Day 147
 Our favourite hotel ever. The rainbow slide hotel.

Day 146
Having fun at the rainbow slide

 Day 145
Cuddling after swimming

Day 144
 Catching up with a friend. So fun to get together.

 Day 143
karaoke party

 Day 142
 Food Table at Nicoles Bridal shower-garden party

Day 141
Gift table

 Day 140
 Advice table

 Day 139
Decor at Nicoles Bridal Shower

 Day 138
Getting ready to move. Cleaning the walls.

 Day 137
Trey with a bad case of croup landed us in a quick hospital stay

 Day 136
 Sleeping off the sickies

Day 135
New Baby Ryker. Just 7 hours old

 Day 134
Mothers Day breakfast in bed

 Day 133

 Day 132
Field trip day

 Day 131
So happy spring is here

 Day 130
Beautiful Sunrise

 Day 129
Chilling in the car

 Day 128
Balloons and Ballet

 Day 127
Enjoying spring

 Day 126
Picture Day

Day 125
All ready for her performance

 Day 124
Pretty Ballerinas

 Day 123
Passed out on the couch

 Day 122

 Day 121
Newly painted white piano

 Day 120
 Fun night out

Day 119
Lanie's styling outfit - yes I let her wear this to school. 

Day 118
Discovered Trey at 6:30 in the morning devouring a box of oreos.  He's closing his eyes so I can't see him.

 Day 117
Just making some rice krispie squares - no big deal

 Day 116
 Lanie - the babysitter

 Day 115
Playing on the gym equipment

 Day 114
Lanie and her coach - Miss Brittany

 Day 113
 Waiting for judging

Day 112
Lanie receiving her certificate at her first LEAP event.